Temporary retraction: APC Comparison 2010 and 2016

Temporary retraction March 22, 2017. My apologies, I for the 2010 data I used the figures for the original currency rather than USD. I will recalculate and re-publish in late March or early April. Thanks to Pierre de Villiers of AOSIS (see comment below) for alerting me to the problem with the data. Our 2015-2016 case study of AOSIS is available here.

2 thoughts on “Temporary retraction: APC Comparison 2010 and 2016

  1. There is a mistake in the data – table 3 and 4. The 2010 APC of AOSIS cannot be USD 4141, and then in 2016 down to USD 341, with a difference of only USD 144. Your 2010 figure is clearly wrong, (I can confirm that on behalf of AOSIS) it must have been 485. Secondly AOSIS actually charge an APPC and no fixed APC’s, which you regard as a different model, and yet you have included its data in the APC analysis?

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