Current status of OA APC journals sampled 2010 – 2014

Analysis of the current status of journals sampled in 2010 (by Solomon & Björk) and/or by the SKC team in 2013 or 2014. In brief: the attrition rate for journals previously sampled is quite low, with 2% of the 1,559 titles previously sampled either apparently or actually no longer publishing. Most of the journals no longer active (34 of the 37), not surprisingly, are from the 2010 sampling. The vast majority of journals found to have APCs or APPCs (article page processing charges), over 90%, clearly had APCs in 2015. A noticeable number of journals previously identified as having publication charges either do not have publication charges, or cannot be confirmed as having publication charges today. The following chart and table provide additional detail. For more detail and documentation on how this data is calculated, see the open access article processing charges dataverse – under the Open access article processing charges longitudinal study 2015 preliminary dataset the data file is called DataSet – Main v.12 current status of previously sampled journals.csv and the accompanying documentation PDF file is called OA APC study 2015 current status journals samples 2010 – 2014 documentation .pdf

current status of journals sampled 2010 - 2014


Current status of preliminary sample journals (sampled in 2010, 2013, or 2014)
Category Total (numeric) Total (percentage) * 2010 numeric 2010 percentage
Confirmed publication charges 1,425 91% 828 95%
Confirmed no publication fees 51 3% 1 0%
Title no longer published 37 2% 34 4%
No cost found 35 2% 7 1%
Other 11 1% 4 0%
Total 1,559 100% 874 100%
* Note total adds up to 99%, not 100% due to rounding error


Open access article processing charges longitudinal study: 2015 preliminary dataset

We’ve been busy gathering data from publisher websites and other sources since mid-May this year. Our recent check of the top publishers in DOAJ by number of journals illustrates that there is so much change in this area that it’s going to take a while longer to complete this data. In future we’re not even going to attempt a short-term annual census period, rather pursue the gathering of data on an ongoing basis which will permit richer publisher case studies along the way. In the meantime, if anyone can make use of the 2,286 journals that we gathered APC data for or the 103 journals that we gathered article page processing charges for, this plus all the other data we have gathered from various sources, as well as detailed documentation is now available in the OA APC dataverse:

We hope this is useful. Informal peer review (please check the documentation for the many limitations to this dataset already noted) in the form of comments to this post are most welcome. We will continue with data gathering and analysis so watch for further posts.