OA APCs: no cost found

Similar to what we found last year, there were a number of journals that indicated “has charges” in DOAJ as of May 2015 where we have not been able to confirm that the journal actually has any kind of publication fee. In some cases, there is language clearly indicating that there are no fees. Of the sub-sample of 139 journals published by publishers with 9 or fewer journals using APCs (as of May 2014, we are updating based on this sample to look for trends), for 25 journals (18% of the sample) we either could not identify any charges, or we were able to verify that the journal actually does not charge. The “cost not found” category is separate from the “not specified” category where language on the journal website suggests that there are charges but the amounts are not given. One theory I have that might account for some of the discrepancy is the possibility of misinterpretation of author guidelines details for non-english-language journals. Many journals have a lot of numeric information in their author guidelines (number of words, pages, margin and text sizes). It would be easy for a non-native speaker casually suggesting a journal to DOAJ to assume that some of the numbers referred to APCs.

Here are the details:

no publication fees Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine http://www.mjssm.me
no cost found Conflict & Communication Online http://www.cco.regener-online.de/
no cost found Entomotropica http://www.entomotropica.org/
no cost found International Journals of Research Papers (title change 2015) http://gssrr.org/index.php?journal=JournalOfBasicAndAppliedi&page=index
no cost found Journal of Nippon Medical School http://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/jnms/-char/en
no cost found Magister Dixit http://md.islu.ru/
no cost found Métis : História e Cultura http://www.ucs.br/etc/revistas/index.php/metis/index
no cost found Modern Journal of Applied Linguistics http://www.mjal.org
no cost found Pixel-Bit http://www.redalyc.org/revista.oa?id=368
no cost found Revista de la Sociedad Química de México http://www.redalyc.org/revista.oa?id=475
no cost found Revista Lusófona de Educação http://revistas.ulusofona.pt/index.php/rleducacao
no cost found Cuadernos Geográficos http://www.redalyc.org/revista.oa?id=171
no cost found Matemáticas : Enseñanza Universitaria http://www.redalyc.org/revista.oa?id=468
no cost found Revista de Investigaciones Políticas y Sociológicas (RIPS) http://www.redalyc.org/revista.oa?id=380
no cost found Bulletin of Materials Science http://www.ias.ac.in/matersci/
no cost found Journal of Genetics http://www.ias.ac.in/jgenet/
no cost found Revista Brasileira de Administração Científica http://www.arvore.org.br/seer/index.php/rbadm
no cost found Academia Journal of Agricultural Research http://academiapublishing.org/ajar/index.htm
no cost found Academia Journal of Educational Research http://academiapublishing.org/ajer/index.htm
no cost found Contaduría y Administración http://www.redalyc.org/revista.oa?id=395
no cost found Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences : Zoology http://zoology.eajbs.eg.net/
no cost found Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales http://www.redalyc.org/revista.oa?id=421
no APC, subsidized Magazin erwachsenenbildung.at : Das Fachmedium für Forschung, Praxis und Diskurs http://www.erwachsenenbildung.at/magazin
cost not found Revista CROMA http://www.croma.fba.ul.pt/i_en.htm
cost not found Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences : Toxicology and Pest Control http://toxicology.eajbs.eg.net/

This post is part of the open access article processing charges project.

Cite as:

Morrison, H. (2015). OA APCs: No cost found. Sustaining the Knowledge Commons / Soutenir Les Savoirs Communs. Retrieved from https://sustainingknowledgecommons.org/2015/05/25/oa-apcs-no-cost-found/

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