Job posting: Research Assistant(s)

Job posting: Research Assistant(s) (University of Ottawa students)


Deadline: September 17

The goal of the project Sustaining the Knowledge Commons (SKC) is a global sharing of the knowledge of humankind. SKC is financed through a SSHRC Insight Grant. This fall I am looking for 4 research assistants (RAs). There are several different types of tasks that require types skills of skills and knowledge. An RA should have at least one of the following qualifications:

  • familiarity with Excel and patience with details
  • knowledge of philosophy of technology and/or dialectics
  • knowledge of global political economy
  • academic writing
  • web or popular writing

We work in english or french, in the open research style, using a research blog. Examples:

Salhab, J. & Morrison, H. (2015). Who is served by for-profit gold open access publishing? A case study of Hindawi and Egypt. Sustaining the Knowledge Commons

Kakou, T.L. (2016). Frais de publication/APC: un regard sur les revues en français de Walt Crawford dans DOAJ. Soutenir les savoirs communs. apc-2/

More information on the project:

Hours and tasks: negotiable, up to 10 hours / week, September – November

Salary rates: CUPE 2626

To apply, send an e-mail to the Principal Investigator Heather dot Morrison at uottawa dot ca

State your qualifications and why you are interested in this position. Deadline: September 17, 2019.



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